Innovation and Development of Design and Manufacturing Technologies



A. Modern Design Theory and Methodology

1. Innovative design methodology

2. Dynamic design

3. Product design and industrial design

4. Product life cycle design

5. Network collaborative design

6. Green design: theory and methodology

7. Innovative design of resource saving and new energy systems

8. Robust design

9. Other modern design methodologies

B. Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

1. Numerical control Mechanisms and robotics

2. High-speed/precision machining

3. Non-conventional machining

4. Fabrication of optoelectronic and microelectronic components

5. Fault diagnosis and intelligent monitoring of mechanical systems

6. Bionic manufacturing and bio-manufacturing

7. Rapid prototyping

8. Green manufacturing and re-manufacturing

9. Other machining methods

C Material Science and Technology in Manufacturing

1. Forming and joining

2. Novel material fabrication

3. Design and manufacturing of composite components

4. Surface science and technology

D. Manufacturing Systems and Automation

1. Web based manufacturing

2. Manufacturing process simulation

3. Virtual manufacturing and concurrent engineering

4. PDM, ERP, logistics and supply chain

5. Agile manufacturing strategy and manufacturing paradigm

6. Quality control of manufacturing systems

7. Automatic production line

E. MEMS and Nanotechnology

1. Design of MEMS/Nano components and systems

2. MEMS/Nano component manufacturing

3. MEMS/Nano material fabrication

4. MEMS/Nano component measurement

F. Innovation in Manufacturing Education


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