Call for Papers



 Sustainable Development of Mechanical Science and Manufacturing Engineering



1Green design and manufacturing

2Sustainable design and manufacturing

3Innovative design methodology

4Product life cycle design

5Intelligent optimization design

6Structural strength and robustness

7Machinery Dynamics

8New mechanisms and robotics

9Driven train mechanisms

10. Complex electro-mechanical system design

11Advanced CAE technique

12Digital manufacture and management

13Advanced NC techniques and equipment

14High-speed/precision machining

15Non-conventional machining

16Extreme manufacturing

17Bionic mechanisms and bio-manufacturing

18Digital and agile manufacturing

19Advanced forming manufacturing

20MEMS and nanotechnology

21Tribology and surface science

22Advanced measurement and machine vision

23. Bio-electro-mechanical system and sensor





Scientific and Technical Programs


The scientific and technical program will include:

Keynote speeches

—Invited talks

—NSFC special talks

—Technical reports

—NSFC project presentations (posters)

—Selection of Best Papers and the Best Projects

—Selection of Dedicated Service Award

Election of the host city for ICFDM in 2014




English, Chinese




Some superb papers will be recommended to be published in the journals included in SCI or/and EI.The conference proceedings will be distributed to all the registered participants via CD-ROM. Hard copies of paper abstracts will also be made available.



Paper requirement


(1) Paper requirement

   Six-page length in total is allowed for each paper. Up to two additional pages will be permitted for an extra charge of 300 RMB or 50 US dollars per page. Papers must strictly follow the format available at the conference website (http://www.icfdm.com).

(2) Paper submission

Papers must be submitted electronically as described at the conference website.



NSFC Project Presentation


The NSFC reports and posters must be prepared in the formats available at the conference website and be submitted before June 10, 2010. All reports should not exceed one page in length and must be prepared using Microsoft Word. All posters must be provided in PowerPoint format. The poster size is 1200x900 mm2. The organizer will be responsible for production and exhibition.



Registration Fees and Registration Requirement


Registration fees: Mainland delegates: 1200 RMB

Oversea delegates: 300 USD

Poster making fee: 300 RMB

Registration requirement : At least one of the grantees for a NSFC project under evaluation should attend the conference.
The delegates should register in the website and prepay 30% of the registration fee.






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